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Our story

Kabul Mart Store was inaugurated in the year 2013 as a branch of Azimi Brothers Group of Companies and was registered with the Ministry of Commerce of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (serial no. 21599). According to the visitors; the store is one of the most famous and richest one in the capital city Kabul where a plenty of modern materials can be reached which includes; ornamental appliances, kitchen appliances, anti-theft and anti-fire doors, wooden and aluminum doors for toilets and kitchens, Alcobans with diversity in collars, solar panels and many more that comes from the worlds famous companies.

The store has occupied two platform of City Tower. Construction goods such as; Alocoban, doors and other hardware can be found on the first floor. The second platform is devoted to ornamental and electronic goods for lodges. Goods that can be reached in Kabul Mart Store are categorized as; electronic ware, kitchen appliances, construction materials, and decorative materials. Authorities of Kabul Mart welcome you and accept your orders for retails as well as for wholesales at any time you need.